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What’s Cooking in Restaurant Technology Trends for 2017

April 21, 2017

It has been a long time since restaurant servers have had to manually imprint credit cards into carbon paper to accept payments, thanks to modern technology. In addition to the evolution of payment methods, the advancement of technology has also revolutionized how restaurant owners have been able to interact with their customers, provide efficient service and attract customer loyalty. Based on consumer demands, the restaurant industry has been undergoing a lot of major changes in the past two years, reflecting in a 50% increase in their use of technology across the industry! Technology has also significantly impacted restaurant design trends, with more spaces integrating technology into ordering methods, making room for grab and go meal apps and online orders.

Let’s take a look at how 2017’s popular tech trends are meeting modern “tech-spectations”:

Tabletop Tablets

It is not uncommon these days to come across an all-you-eat eat sushi restaurant that has taken advantage of this fancy upgrade! Some restaurants have started providing their guests with tabletop tablets (list of best table tablets) that offers a convenient and fun way to browse through menu deals, place orders and sometimes even settle their bills without the need of a server present! With the versatility of these devices, some restaurants might even offer fun games and activities to occupy guests of all ages while they wait for their delicious meals to arrive.

Mobile Payment Services

Many fast/casual restaurants (such as Tim Hortons or Starbucks) have been effectively cashing in on these mobile payment services to speed up check out times and maintain shorter line ups. With providers such as Apple Pay, Paypal and Google Wallet to name a few, the convenience of this type of technology may one day eliminate the need for a wallet all together! With one tap of a smartwatch or smartphone, a customer can not only pay for their meals, but also subscribe to loyalty programs that offer discounts and incentives to their favourite restaurants. This element of modern convenience has been attracting a lot of attention, thus keeping customers coming back for more!

Online Ordering Platforms

With the increased popularity in food delivery services such as Uber Eats and Foodora, technology has changed the dining experience for both consumers and restaurants alike. These increasing delivery options have allowed restaurants all across the world to partner up and reap the benefits of increased marketing and clientele. Customers are able to order from a collection of local restaurants with an updated bill calculated each time an item is added or removed. This transference of digital information not only decreases the risk of miscommunication during the order-taking process, but it also frees up restaurant staff to reallocate their attention to expediting meals and tending to internal restaurant tasks. The convenience ordering from online platforms have reflected in the approval of nearly 70% of consumers who regard this online service as the most crucial piece of restaurant technology to date.

Mobile Apps

Before the dining experience even begins, it is not uncommon for customers to consult the world-wide-web for detailed menus, customer reviews and exclusive deals. Offering a restaurant-specific mobile app where customers can order take-out, request reservations and take advantage of online deals, coupons, or loyalty programs will definitely satisfy the needs of the modern diner. The more avenues available for the public to digitally interact with their favourite restaurants, the better!

Each of these tech trends enable restaurant businesses to improve their dining experience by catering directly to the modern desire for online integration. If you are looking for new ways to implement technology into your restaurant, contact the BUILD IT by Design team at (905) 696-0486 or via email at [email protected]
Welcome to the future!

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