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How the Hippest Photography Retailers are Embracing 2017’s Tech Trends

April 6, 2017

With a quick glance at modern pop culture, it is very easy to recognize that the art of photography has accrued quite a bit of attention from the Millennial generation. Popular social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram have proven that the ability to document, enhance and manipulate captured and moving images have propelled these online networking communities into popularity.

From the business side of things, these social media trends have also proven advantageous for photography retailers. As these Millennial’s are also regarded as the most sought-after consumers of today, offering a customer experience that caters to their preferred needs and shopping habits can greatly influence the success of a business plan.

Take Henry’s, for example. This Canadian photography retailer has gained the self-proclaimed reputation of  “Canada’s Greatest Camera Store” to both professional photographers and enthusiasts alike.

With a new Oakville location now open at 2500 Hyde Park Gate , the BUILD IT By Design team in collaboration  with Jump Branding & Design had a great opportunity to lay down the foundation for this modern approach to both construction and design. With heavy emphasis on the use of personal interaction and technology in a retail setting, Henry’s offers a ‘smart environment’ where potential customers can learn about and interact with new, used and rental equipment ranging from cameras and drones to lighting and studio equipment.

One great technological upgrade that Henry’s will be implementing in their new location is a mobile payment solution where, similar to the Apple or Nike model, customers can enjoy the convenience of being cashed out right from the floor.

Forbes latest release titled 7 Under the Radar Retail Trends for 2017 which outlines the modern shopper’s inclination towards a personalized shopping experience comprised of knowledgeable staff, quality inventory, competitive prices and tailored service.

These groundbreaking improvements not only revolutionize the way retailers interact with their customers, but also offers a level of service that exceeds the convenience and efficiency of online shopping.

From a store design perspective, Henry’s is pulling out all the right stops. Architectural photographer David Cardelus argues that a brand can be represented through the architectural designs of their stores. According to Cardelus, high-end retailers are spending top dollar on store design for an opportunity to engage their customers in “the most visceral way”. By offering an interactive and inviting retail space that also offers in-store seminars, classes and demonstrations, Henry’s has achieved the key ingredients necessary in creating more than just a shopping experience, but a community.

Are you looking to brand your business through the right type of store  design and build?  Get in touch with your BUILD IT by Design experts at (905) 696-0486 or via email at [email protected].

Thanks for reading, that’s a wrap!

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