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2016 restaurant trends

February 1, 2016

Most of us have a weak spot for good food and anything related to it. Since we’re still early in 2016, it’s the best time to see to the top restaurant trends in 2016 that are going to disrupt the current state of the industry. We’ve listed down the hottest ones that will take the F&B scene by storm.

1. Tech revolution:

For the past couple of years, we’ve seen the different ways in which technology has influenced the F&B industry. Restaurants started installing iPads for patrons to punch in their own orders while busy bees were delighted to discover the convenience of order-and-pay mobile apps like Ritual.

2016 will take this tech revolution to a new level. Baum + Whiteman, an international food and restaurant consultants, predicts that delivery businesses will take off. UberEats has disrupted the food delivery scene and this year, Google Express and Amazon have the potential to win big with their grocery delivery services. It’s all about giving customers what they want, which is mostly concerned with getting food without leaving the comfort of their home.

When they do go out, worrying about cash should be a thing of the past. The use of NFC payments with Android Pay or Apple Pay will likely become a popular payment option. More and more vendors might also consider accepting cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin.

2. QSRs for the win:

We’ve conformed to the idea that we can only choose one from speed, quality or price. In 2016, this will no longer be the case. Technomic, a research and consulting firm operating in the food industry, found that elevated quick-service restaurants (QSRs) or QSR-Plus are slowly taking over fast food giants.

QSR-Plus has streamlined menus filled with reasonably priced quality dishes. The essence of it is still fast food, but with better food and service. It’s going to be even easier to find delicious, quick takeout places in the middle of a workday.

3. Fresh and natural everything:

Speaking of quality ingredients, conscious eaters are predicted to go all out in clean eating. The top restaurant trends in 2016 will see customers demanding sugar-free, gluten-free, salt-free and perhaps fat-free dishes made with non-genetically modified ingredients. Restaurants will have to stop using additives or processed ingredients to cater to a more health-conscious market.

4. The year of Poke:

The previous point explains why Poke is one of the top restaurant trends in 2016. Poke, pronounced Poh-kay, is a Hawaiian dish that’s essentially a bowl of raw fish cubes over rice. Pokes are ideal for health-conscious fast-casual joints or QSRs

5. Past the tipping point:

No-tipping restaurant systems are gaining momentum. As more and more servers voice the injustice in tip distributions, restaurant owners are switching to a tip-free scene altogether. On the flipside, some restaurants encounter high employee turnovers after implementing this system.

By Natasha Gan

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