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January 25, 2018

Mercatino Expands Food Hall Concept

January 18, 2018

Mercatino, means Little Market in Italian, but the establishment has made a big splash with the opening of its first location at the One York Street tower in Toronto…

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Trend: Why Restaurants are Being Added to Shopping Centres

August 06, 2017

Major Canadian shopping centres are adding full-sized, full-service restaurants to their properties like never before. It’s a trend recognized by a number of retail experts, with some landlords explaining that they are intentionally increasing space dedicated to food and beverage in order to attract customers, as well as increase revenue…

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Henry’s Cameras Launches New Brick-and-Mortar Strategy

May 25, 2017

Toronto-based camera retailer Henry’s has launched an innovative new store format that it plans to implement in its existing locations, as well as with new stores as it launches a retail expansion. Built in partnership with design/build firm BUILD IT By Design…

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Ride Cycle Club Launches Canadian Expansion

April 23, 2017

Vancouver-based spin studio Ride Cycle Club has just opened its second location in Toronto, and more are expected to follow, according to one of its founders. The concept was founded by Ashley Ander, Moe Samieian Jr., and JJ Wilson — Mr. Wilson is the son of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson…

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Independent Optical Retailer Sees Success Through Personalization And Unique Store Design

February 23, 2017

Toronto-based optical retailer Glass Monocle, which recently opened near the former Honest Ed’s, is already seeing success through personalized products and services – and a space that helps it standout. Its co-founders are contemplating expanding into multiple locations, after launching a branded store developed by BUILD IT By Design…

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BUILD IT By Design Expanding into High-End Retail

December 06, 2016

Condo towers continue to rise around the Toronto downtown area, especially in the popular King West and Queen West neighbourhoods. With the downtown population expected to almost double by 2041, the city will see even more rapid growth in density — and its residents are now searching for more authentic local experiences…

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