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Behold, Tech Trends are Shaping the Future of Retail

By bibd on August 14, 2017

With more than half of 2017 now behind us, we have watched our economy undergo some serious reconstruction. Income pressures and financial uncertainty have caused consumers to pull in the reigns on their spending habits to preserve whatever is left of their disposable incomes. Although inflation and slow wage growth have placed a damper on […]

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Why Restaurant’s Fail and How to Prevent Them

By bibd on July 14, 2017

Deciding to own and operate your very own restaurant is an incredibly rewarding business decision to make. Unfortunately, it is common for fresh restauranteurs to overlook some of the most important qualities of the industry, resulting in 60% of independently-operated restaurants failing within their first year of business. These statistics further increase to an intimidating […]

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Why Millennials are the Future of Franchises

By bibd on May 4, 2017

Born between the years of 1980 and 2000, the Millennial Generation has emerged into the workforce with fascinating differences from their predecessors and they are making waves in the workforce through their independent and career-driven attitudes. According to recent studies, 66 percent of Millennials have expressed the desire to become self-employed. This statistic is greater […]

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What’s Cooking in Restaurant Technology Trends for 2017

By bibd on April 21, 2017

It has been a long time since restaurant servers have had to manually imprint credit cards into carbon paper to accept payments, thanks to modern technology. In addition to the evolution of payment methods, the advancement of technology has also revolutionized how restaurant owners have been able to interact with their customers, provide efficient service […]

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How the Hippest Photography Retailers are Embracing 2017’s Tech Trends

By bibd on April 6, 2017

With a quick glance at modern pop culture, it is very easy to recognize that the art of photography has accrued quite a bit of attention from the Millennial generation. Popular social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram have proven that the ability to document, enhance and manipulate captured and moving images have propelled […]

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Unique Challenges to Building a Fitness Space

By bibd on March 13, 2017

Making the decision to open a fitness space is both an exciting and rewarding endeavor! Whether you have secured a rental property to renovate or purchased land with plans of building from the ground up – there are very special considerations required for the planning and design stages of your fitness center. As these types […]

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By bibd on January 25, 2017

As the dust finally settles after a busy holiday season, the New Year has arrived and with it, a wealth of inspiration for retail growth and opportunity! Channeling your New-Year’s-resolution-making skills into a new and improved business approach is an ideal way to cap off a great 2016 and make room for all that 2017 […]

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